Doing your own legal research can be a long, time-consuming process. As a small firm, your time is valuable. Spending it conducting drawn-out research, poring over online legal journals and databases of past cases to find the statute or precedent you are looking for can actually be costing you money. As much as 10-20% of solo practitioner time is spent doing legal research. A trained, on-demand paralegal helps make your practice more profitable. By outsourcing your legal research needs, you can stay focused on more substantive legal.

VPS paralegals have ten plus years’ worth of experience or more in their areas of expertise, providing you with a fully personalized legal experience that acknowledges your company’s unique needs.

Access to Databases
The paralegals at Virtual Paralegal Services have access to all the major legal databases on the web. These databases include, but are not limited to, the following:

These databases are some of the most important tools in a paralegal’s arsenal. With access to these law collections, the paralegal you hire will be able to find, cross reference, and compare the relevant laws for your company according to your industry, your jurisdiction, and your current legal issue.

Gathering, Analyzing, and Interpreting Data
Legal research is so much more than skimming a few websites. It requires the researcher to take the information he or she finds and understand how to apply it to facts and circumstances. Your legal needs are unique – even seemingly routine projects like drafting non-compete agreements and following OSHA guidelines in the workplace are tailored to your needs.

An experienced paralegal knows how to analyze and organize legal data. Think of your paralegal as your personal legal researcher and assistant who can provide meaningful insight and information when you need it.

Subjects Covered
Our team of paralegals at Virtual Paralegal Services are trained to cover a wide variety of legal topics. These topics include all of the following:

Contact us to begin working together on one or more of these topics.

Virtual Paralegal Services that Fit Your Needs
Don’t bog yourself down with the time consuming legwork of legal research. Let our team of professionals at Virtual Paralegal Services do that for you. We provide the on-the-spot legal help when you need it with no hourly minimums or contract terms. Our team of experts can process the thick legal jargon of textbooks and databases into actionable content, allowing you to focus on your clients and your business.