The Pros and Cons of a Cayman LLC

Note: This is the last in the series about Cayman LLCs. Like Delaware LLCs, a Cayman LLC is a corporate body with a legal status that is separate from its members. Unlike the Cayman Islands exempted limited partnership, the Cayman LLC structure offers members some protection from personal liability. The members of the LLC have […]

Working Together: Cayman LLC and Delaware LLC

As with any new entity, the Cayman Islands LLC will inspire curiosity and uncertainty in the business community. There is ample reason for optimism, however, based on similar entities and on the reputation of the Cayman Islands for fostering a climate favorable to offshore businesses. Similar and compatible Perhaps the most reassuring aspect of the […]

Who is affected by a Cayman LLC?

Private equity funds and family holding companies could certainly benefit from the ease of use and freedom afforded by a Cayman LLC. The need for flexibility in these arrangements has often forced members into forming exempted limited partnerships, despite the liability exposure. Those looking to create a private fund will now be able to form […]

What is a Cayman LLC?

This is the first in a series of blogs pertaining to the pros and cons of a Cayman LLC, how to form and convert one and who most benefits. We’ll start with a basic overview here. The laws of the Cayman Islands make it a popular choice for conducting a range of business objectives. With […]