Best Practices for Secured Claims in Bankruptcy

The petition is a well-rounded compilation of documents that details to the court and the trustee all of the available assets that a debtor has. When drafting a plan, it’s essential that all secured claims are represented in the plan, even if they aren’t going to be paid through the bankruptcy. Why? Because the trustee […]

Bankruptcy: Managing Secured Debt

Nothing can derail a Chapter 13 plan like an unexpected secured claim.  Requirements for filing a secured claim vary.  As a result, the claim amount may not be known until after the plan is confirmed. A secured claim is usually against something physical that can be sold to collect on a loan.  The most common secured […]

Gathering and Organizing Bankruptcy Petition Information

One of the most critical steps in a bankruptcy proceeding is gathering debtor information.  It’s important when completing the client intake form to fill it out in its entirety.  It’s long, tedious and requires a lot of information that the debtor will have to locate (think of a bunch of receipts in a shoe box […]