Stock Issuance, Transfers and Recordkeeping

For stock issuance and recordkeeping; Virtual Paralegal Services provides:

  • Draft charter amendments to increase or decrease authorized stock; authorize new classes or series.
  • Draft directors or stockholders resolutions to authorize any stock changes (i.e. increase/decrease of authorized stock; splits, etc.)
  • Prepare stock certificates (computer generated).
  • Verify and include appropriate legends.
  • Prepare warrants, stock option certificates.
  • Draft stock option notices.
  • Execute stock option exercises.
  • Process warrant grants or exercises.
  • Prepare convertible notes.
  • Transfer stock certificates (including stock power or loss affidavits).
  • Draft stock subscription agreements.
  • Draft stock transfer agreements.
  • Draft stockholder restriction agreements.
  • Prepare 83(b) elections.
  • Draft any company resolutions regarding stock agreements; voting agreements; missing records, stock subscriptions, stock transfers; charter amendments increasing or decreasing stock and any related stock issues.
  • Also see minute book reconstruction.
  • Prepare and file Forms 3, 4 and 5 with SEC.

In affiliation with National Registered Agents, Inc.