International Subsidiaries

  • Establishing foreign subsidiaries and branches.
    • Coordinate with overseas counsel.
    • Prepare required documentation.
    • Obtain apostille and/or authentication.
  • Establishing Canadian subsidiaries (federal and provincial).
    • Prepare required paperwork for Canadian incorporation, qualification, dissolution or withdrawal of U.S. businesses.
    • Obtain GST and other tax numbers required for billing purposes.
    • File paperwork.
  • Prepare and file Canadian Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) filing (equivalent of U.S. UCC).
  • Search company records online where available or via search companies where online is unavailable.
  • Foreign Subsidiary Housekeeping and Maintenance.
    • Assist with recordkeeping.
    • Coordinate with overseas counsel.
    • Coordinate filings and record-updating

In affiliation with National Registered Agents, Inc.