A recent report based on research of U.S.-based law firms revealed that nearly 9 out of 10 large law firms and approximately 60% of mid-sized firms outsource one or more office functions. In addition, roughly 33% indicated that they planned on engaging in additional outsourcing opportunities within the next two years.

90% of firms reported that their services improved with legal outsourcing

Outsourcing a particular aspect of legal services, whether it be document review, paralegal services, legal research, or due diligence, means that one particular aspect of a practice is being handled by a company that specializes in the service that a firm needs assistance with. While it may be the first time a firm has had a case requiring a copyright search, an outsourcing company who provides that service will have staff with years of experience handling that task. This translates to faster, more efficient service and cost savings for law firms.

Law firms are often busy places where staff members’ attention is pulled in many different directions. When a particular aspect of, i.e., litigation is outsourced, law firm staff have one less item to concentrate on. With less to worry about, staff can concentrate on performing their core tasks at a higher service level. Therefore, not only is the work that is being outsourced done more efficiently, but law firm staff can perform their core duties more effectively.

89% enjoyed access to industry best practices

To remain competitive and best serve their clients, outsourcing firms must pay attention to best practices in their industries. They must pay attention to trends, new technology, changes in the law, and remain on the cutting edge of industry.

Law firms who outsource have access to industry best practices through their association with outsourcing firms. Law firm staff can concentrate on their core job duties and count on a reputable outsourcing firm to keep them informed of important changes and industry best practices.

85% cited cost savings as a result of outsourcing

Outsourcing companies engage individuals with skilled expertise who are able to work on tasks in an efficient manner while producing quality results. In addition, law firms save on the costs associated with having to hire a full time staff person to handle tasks that can be done on a project basis through legal outsourcing.

The increasingly competitive legal market means that clients are becoming more cost-conscious and may shop around for the most competitive rates before settling on a law firm. This creates pressure on firms to increase productivity while decreasing costs. Outsourcing tasks that require specialized skills is one way to increase productivity while saving money on training in house and reducing overhead costs.

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