If you are a small law department, you understand how critical efficiency is to your department’s performance. From budget constraints to time and personnel limitations, you have to delicately manage how you support your business clients. It can easily become overwhelming to try to handle or manage every task by yourself.

Attempting to handle every legal task in-house can be time consuming and keep you from focusing on other aspects of the business that need your attention.

Consider outsourcing legal support to a virtual paralegal. Like a traditional paralegal, a virtual paralegal can provide your company with the legal support it needs without requiring the resources that an in-house employee needs, such as recruiting costs, management resources, and a physical workspace within your office.

Our team of virtual paralegals can provide your company with various legal support. The following are three crucial services that we can provide for your company.

Case Management

Case management encompasses nearly every aspect of a claim or lawsuit. This includes the following:

When you are actively involved in a legal case, managing it requires day to day attention. Your paralegal can provide legal project management support to ensure a smooth process.

Legal Research
Legal research is the process of seeking and retrieving the necessary information to help inform sound legal decisions. It is not merely answering questions; it is asking the right questions and understanding how their answers lead to more questions, then answering those as well.

Our team of expert paralegals have the resources, including primary and secondary authority sources as well as non-legal sources, and analytical skills to thoroughly research any legal topic and provide you with a detailed, yet easy to understand response to your question. He or she can provide the text of the statute in question, as well as related statutes, regulations, rules, and precedents for your case.

Prepare Legal Documents and Policies
Having the right legal documents is critical to your business. By working with an experienced paralegal, you can ensure that you have consistent governance documents, business contracts, and employee related agreements. Some of the legal documents you might use in your company are the following:

Virtual Paralegal Services for Your Company
VPS can provide the paralegal services your company needs. Contact Virtual Paralegal Services to learn more about the various services we offer and how we can help you run your company more efficiently.