Every member of a company plays a role in ensuring that the company follows all state and federal laws as well as abides by local public policy. This is part of supporting the substantive law that governs your industry and your region. In most companies, the Human Resources department is tasked with maintaining these standards and ensuring that all of the company’s employees are treated fairly according to the law.

Substantive law is the written law that outlines civil duties and rights. This includes crimes and their penalties, civil rights, and individual and group responsibilities. This is in contrast to procedural law, which is the body of laws that govern court proceedings on civil, administrative, and criminal court matters.

Substantive law governs almost every part of your life. How you run your business, how you behave in public, how you handle clients and employees, and how you conduct your day-to-day activities are all, sometimes more overtly than others, affected by the substantive law in place.

The United States Department of Labor
The substantive employment laws of the United States are enforced by the United States Department of Labor. This federal department enforces the laws that govern wage and hour standards, re-employment services, unemployment benefits, and occupational safety in the United States. Many states also have state-level labor departments as well.

Some examples of substantive employment laws enforced by this department are:

As an employer, you are likely to be familiar with these laws. If you are unsure about how to implement one of the policies contained in one of these or any other employment law, your virtual paralegal can research and examine the statute for you.

Employment and Labor Litigation
Litigation is the process of taking legal action. Virtually any type of employment or labor dispute can end up in court to be resolved through litigation. Some examples of these cases are:

There can be some overlap between employment law and personal injury law, business law, civil law, and even criminal defense.

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