What are the basics when foreign founders, who neither are dual citizens nor have a green card, start up an LLC in the United States, but operate it from their native country?

Company Status:
Requirements vary according to the native country. For example:

It is recommended to consult a tax advisor and attorney in both the US and in the foreign jurisdiction to be certain that the foreign founder of a US start up is following the correct protocol.

Obtaining an FEIN:
Foreign founders of US startups will need to obtain an FEIN for their LLC, but they are not required to have an SSN or ITIN. When completing form SS-4, be sure to write foreigner in line 7b (requesting SSN or ITIN). Contact Virtual Paralegal Services for assistance.

This aspect of starting up a foreign owned US LLC is more complicated and generally must be done after the founder has obtained an FEIN. There are several options:

For assistance with US LLC startups, contact Virtual Paralegal Services.