At Virtual Paralegal Services, we are constantly reading the latest news in the legal field and anything related to legal entrepreneurship. We understand that running a law firm is a business and as a business owner, you need to always be learning and growing.

This past quarter, we read a lot of interesting, valuable pieces. The following five stood out to us as especially important to budding entrepreneurs and attorneys heading their own firms.

Dealpolitik: Five Tips for Law Firm Summer Associates
Every summer, law school students head to firms to spend the summer working, building relationships, and learning about what it is really like to be an attorney. This is an exciting time in any law student’s life, but it can also be confusing and intimidating. This piece lays out useful tips for students to follow as they join law firms this summer.

Elite Law Firms Take Texas by Storm
In this piece, Mark Curriden discusses the rapid changes Texas’ legal marketplace is currently experiencing. Large firms, those with national and global reaches, are moving in and displacing small, local firms, forcing these smaller firms to change the way they handle competition and serve their clients.

Survey: Most Law Firms Losing Business to Corporate Legal Departments
Continuing with the theme discussed in the article above, this piece by Casey Sullivan explores the competition that independent law firms face from the in-house legal departments of many major corporations. As with any other field, law firms throughout the country are now feeling the crunch of having too much “supply” – i.e., lawyers, and not enough demand for their services and now must find creative ways to adjust to this level of demand.

Risk Pays Off For Corporate Lawyer Who Left To Form ICS Group
For attorneys considering making the leap to running their own firms, Medina Jett’s story is inspiring. Reporter Mara Lee details the path Ms. Jett took as she worked her way from Georgetown Law School to years of corporate counsel and litigation, to finally launching her own firm and continuing to successfully build and manage it.

U.S. Law Firms Making Inroads to Cuba
President Obama made history earlier this year when he announced the United States’ new relationship with Cuba. Almost immediately, businesses have scrambled to capitalize on this newly-opened border, law firms included.

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