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U.S. Firms Outsource Legal Services to India
It is becoming more and more popular for companies in many industries to outsource work to India. The legal profession is no different. In this piece, journalists Cynthia Cotts and Liane Kufchock examine the rise of India-based legal services, such as QuisLex.

Corporate Lawyers Are a Hot Commodity
Pay for corporate lawyers is going higher and higher as companies seek to keep their legal team in-house. From 2014 to 2015, the median compensation for corporate lawyers in the United States increased by approximately five percent.

Law School Dean Offers Tradition-Rocking Vision of Legal Profession’s Future
As the cost of legal help rises, more Americans are finding themselves priced out of hiring attorneys for their legal needs. University of Connecticut School of Law Dean Timothy Fisher discussed this in his recent lecture, “Affordable Justice: When and How.” It is becoming more popular than ever for paraprofessionals to provide legal services in place of attorneys, just like the medical profession has largely shifted to nurses and nurse practitioners, rather than doctors, providing the bulk of care to patients.

Law Firm 3.0: Information Changing Law Firm Models
This piece also discusses how the standard law firm model must change to address 21st century clients’ needs. Individuals now have virtually unrestricted access to legal information and are coming to their attorneys more empowered and educated than ever before. Attorneys and law firms must address these needs by increasing their transparency and allowing themselves to adapt to current trends in law practice.

Freelancers, Here’s How to Protect Your Business Assets from Liability
Many attorneys opt to run their law firms as limited liability corporations, or LLCs. As a proprietor of an LLC, it is important to know how to protect your company’s assets in the event you are involved in a lawsuit.

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