4 Ways to Grow your Practice

Despite living in a world of instant connections and seemingly endless access to populations around the world thanks to social media, small law firms still rely heavily on word-of-mouth for new business. If you don’t have clients that will champion your services to others, your practice will stagnate.

Finding ways to make use of your current clients and connections to promote your law firm can be difficult, but not impossible.

Here are some ideas you may consider in developing your referral-building strategy.

  1. Widen Your Network: Even if all of your clients and other contacts refer your services to others, those referrals will not go very far if you have a small network. Widen your pool of prospective referrers by developing new relationships with prospective clients and peers. Join an online forum, go to networking events, and simply make it a point to become acclimated with other attorneys and legal professionals in your city or region. Do not make this simply about getting referrals – be a friend and a mentor to others.
  2. Give Referrals: Working with your clients and peers to build your business works two ways. You need to be willing to help clients build their businesses as well. If you come across an opportunity where you know one of your connections will excel, recommend him or her.
  3. Be Visible: Make yourself the first attorney your connection thinks of when he or she needs to recommend a lawyer. Do this by making yourself a constant presence in others’ lives without overwhelming them or diluting your brand through frivolous chatter. One of the greatest tools you can use to keep yourself seen in your social and professional circles is social media. Social media is a great networking tool. Use it to: promote your business by making well-constructed posts and thoughtful comments that effectively communicate your brand; and demonstrate your knowledge and your firm’s ability to provide quality service by contributing to peer’s discussions.
  4. Work with a Virtual Paralegal: As a busy attorney, there are a lot of things that you likely just do not have the time to do. Do you need to outsource your legal research, file management, or document drafting? Working with a competent paralegal can make your firm run much more smoothly, while giving you more time to devote to your clients and working to build your business.

Contact Virtual Paralegal Services to free up more of your time to build your practice. When you work with us, you can get the legal support your busy firm needs without having to sacrifice the quality and level of experience your services represent.