Paralegal Solutions for Solo and Small Firms

climbingVirtual Paralegal Services (“VPS”) provides senior-level, on-demand, paralegal assistance to solo practitioners and small law firms. Whether it`s legal research, document drafting, or transactional assistance, VPS can broaden your legal expertise and create capacity.

By establishing a long-term relationship and understanding of your practice, VPS provides a more contiguous and sustainable solution than part-time, legal staffing companies. VPS paralegals are senior-level paralegals with substantial paralegal experience and training in law firms and corporate legal departments – focused on your practice.

Drive your ROI by leveraging Virtual Paralegal Services:

  • Benefit from a broader range of expertise and skills through a team of paralegals rather than a single person
  • Increase productivity by delegating research and procedural tasks more efficiently handled by a paralegal.
  • Meet increased demand from new or existing clients without the costs of recruiting, hiring, and managing full-time employees.